5 Reasons To Watch Pakistani Movie Saawan


For a film industry in revival mode, it isn’t advisable to try and experiment in untested genres – Farhan Alam’s Saawan is one such step where the writer Mashood Qadri pens a script that is closer to reality and addresses real-life issues in preaching style.

Sawaan Officially Chosen As Pakistan’s Oscars 2018 Submission

The length of the film may be a letdown but when you get shortlisted for nomination for Oscars, nothing matters. There are many reasons to watch the film; five of them are as mentioned below:

The Kid’s Acting

Syed Karam Abbas is the star of the film for he carries the weight of the plot on his shoulders. He plays Saawan, a polio stricken boy who makes a handmade leg for himself and goes out in search of his parents who had left him behind while fleeing their village. It was only after the premiere that I realized that the kid didn’t have polio in real life; otherwise, I was certain that they had used a kid who had polio in real life. His expressions were spot on and so was his confident that allowed him to cross miles, towards the city where his parents were present.

Mother’s emotions

Let me be honest – Najiba Faiz surprised me with her superlative performance as Saawan’s mother. I had never seen her act before but will definitely want to see her get more roles in the future. She gave the most appropriate expressions that too when they were needed. From being a loving mother to an angry wife and a woman who kept nothing in her heart, she was perfect from the first scene until the last. If I would ever watch the film again, it would be due to her acting alone that makes you cry even if you are not a parent.

Intelligent Interlinking

The film doesn’t follow the simple narrative that moves back and forth but there are a few adjoining sequences that are brilliantly interlinked. In one scene a villager is seen cutting the hair of a polio victim while in the follow up scene, there is a barber doing the same to a customer. Then there is another scene in which the boy is sitting on the driver’s seat of a damaged vehicle and asking someone in absentia a question that was answered in the following scene, in flashback.

First rate Cinematography

The beauty of Pakistan’s mountains was captured beautifully by Director of Photography Farhan Alam who is also the Director of the film; the last time I fell in love with the mountains was in Dukhtar that was also sent for the Academy Awards a couple of years back. The Cinematography is spectacular and keeps the audience involved; it will play an important role if the film is shortlisted for the grand finale.

Raising Awareness

Saawan is not just a film about a young kid and his adventures; it covers multiple issues in its total runtime that include awareness about polio drops, dependency on illiterate village officials, abduction and sale of children and terrorism. Although it would have been better had terrorism not been included in the storyline but then its part of our lives. One hopes that these positives will help the jury at Oscar’s shortlist the film and who knows, Pakistan might finally win an award for the Best Foreign Film category!

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