Five Things To Expect From Verna


The wait is nearly over as the release date of Mahira Khan’s Verna nears; the Shoaib Mansoor film is all set for a release on 17th November and like his last 2 films, it is likely to make a huge impact on the audience as well as on the film industry.

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Since it’s a ShoMan venture, it has to have his signature that made Khuda Kay Liye and Bol one of the best Pakistani films, ever. Let’s analyze the aspects that will make Verna a blockbuster and a true ambassador of Pakistani films, worldwide.


Brilliant Script

Shoaib Mansoor is easily the best scriptwriter in the country and he has proved his mettle through Sunehrey Din, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Khuda Kay Liye and Bol. The way he endorsed Deen Main Darhi Hai, Darhi Main Deen Nahi and Jab Paal Nahi Sakte To Paida Kyon Karte Ho is remarkable and one can expect the same kind of dialogues from Verna.

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Mature Mahira

Mahira Khan has improved tremendously since her first and only project with Shoaib Mansoor – Bol – five years back. She has matured as an actress and from the first look, it seems that she is all ready to raise the bar while portraying the difficult role of a rape victim. The experience of working in Bollywood (Raees, 2017) has also helped her in becoming THE Mahira Khan, the beautiful actress from Pakistan who chose to look less glamorous just to look real in the film.


Flawless Direction

Shoaib Mansoor is not fond of hiring big names for his films; in fact, he experiments with lesser-known actors who fit the characters instead. Be it the lead Haroon Shahid or the experienced Rasheed Naz, Shoaib Mansoor’s flawless direction will take the game to the next level. The trailer does suggest that Zarrar Khan has screen presence in the film and he might come out as the villain Pakistan films need to move forward.

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Stellar Soundtrack

Shoaib Mansoor started his career as a TV producer with musical show Jharnay that helped pop music become popular in the country. In all his films before Verna, he was the music director who gave directions to others who went on to make a name for themselves in the industry. Verna is going to be a game changer as well since it elevates Haroon from a band’s vocalist to a playback singer as well as gives chance to new and upcoming talent.

So many talented kids out there! Heard some amazing voices and saw some outstanding mimics by the students at #iqrauniversity

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Hard-hitting Impact

Khuda Kay Liye was undoubtedly the film that helped filmmakers in the country understand that content is king and if the content is strong, the film will do well. Bol addressed issues that were considered taboo in this part of the world and presented Humaima and Mahira as film stars who went on to make a name for themselves.

Verna is likely to have a huge impact on the audience especially those who know of people who have been assault victims and have no avenue to express themselves.

May this film proves to be a guiding light for all those who want to use cinema to make people aware of the injustices in our society.