Five Things That Rangreza Teaches Us


Aamir Mohiuddin’s Rangreza may not have done well at the box office but it teaches us a lot of things about life in general. Shot in the old areas of Karachi as well as new, it manages to tell us a few things here and there about the lives of the rich, the poor and the rich poor. Very Filmi takes a look at some of these lessons that might help us in leading a better life.


Marriage decisions can be deadly

In old gharanas, the practice of marrying off the girl to the first cousin is quite common however Rangreza tells us that such practices can be deadly. If the female cousin rejects the male one’s rishta or breaks the engagement, he might resort to the extreme step and also break the family into two.


Think of an out of world name for your album

When you try to compile an album of songs, you must think of a name that doesn’t seem like someone’s name otherwise people with that name (or one resembling that name) might feel offended and even suicidal.


iPhone is now affordable to all

It’s a good thing that Steve Jobs is no more around otherwise he would have become sad on seeming the girl of a meerasi with an iPhone talking to his supposedly boyfriend. But then, she studies in one of the expensive universities yet travels in a rickshaw. Ooops, more on it later!


Always have a rickshaw on standby!

Whatever your phone brand is, you should always have a rickshaw guy on speed dial because he will be there, even if it is raining or you want to escape your engagement ceremony. Careem and Uber might take time but the man on the three wheeler never disappoints!


Never mess with the Politicians

Politicians are so powerful that if you refuse the advances of their children, they can burn down your studio and even kill you. This point is closest to the truth and that is very saddening!