Focus PK 16: All You Need to Know About the Revolutionary Media Conference of Pakistan


One thing is for certain, Pakistan’s entertainment industry is NOT short of talent. However, what it lacks is a common platform and long term direction. As we all know, the Pakistani drama industry has been thriving, with Pakistani serials receiving an overwhelming response, not just locally but also internationally. With the revival of Pakistani cinema, it is now time to promote Pakistani culture at a global level and what better way to do it than through great cinematic ventures.

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Recently, we have seen a number of Pakistani films hitting the silver screens and with audiences responding positively to our local content – this is a sign of encouragement. While the industry is on the road to success, we do need to take measures and take significant steps to bring about a greater change.

Pakistani actors and singers have reaped a massive fan following on international forums- this can further be used to promote a softer image of Pakistan.

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At a recent press conference held in Karachi, The Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) announced its first ever, National Production and Entertainment Trade Conference-FocusPK16.

About Focus.Pk

Organised by Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), an event dedicated to the entertainment and production trade, will take place this weekend for the time in Pakistan.

The event will be led by Atiqa Odho who is the chairperson of Standing Committee on Production and Entertainment (SCPE) committee.

While the media industry in Pakistan continues to grow, it is also perpetually ignored. Entertainment in Pakistan is not taken as seriously but with the help of this conference, things will definitely take a turn into the right direction. There is a dire need to expand Pakistan’s cinemascope by making more movies and exporting them to foreign countries for revenue, one of the things, intends to do.

Expansion of Pakistani cinema will also lead to the creation of more jobs internally, bringing about greater employment opportunities. This will also give Pakistan an opportunity to promote it’s true image rather a negative one, globally.

One of the attendees mentioned that Bollywood movies have been playing in Chinese cinemas for a quite a while now- Pakistan must take advantage of its exceptional ties with China and export Pakistani movies to them., Pakistan’s first ever official entertainment and production conference will steer way for just that.

In a question and answer session an important aspect was highlighted, that we must focus more on exporting our content and establishing international ties rather than importing foreign movies.

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Aim of

FocusPK’16 aims to bring together the aces of the media industry- from directors, producers, and celebrities, technicians to financiers, distributors, producers, music producers and aspiring young talent, will prove to be an incredible opportunity for all to come under one roof.

We often find that a huge chunk of the industry, working behind the camera, are mostly under-represented- aims to bring such people to the forefront and provide them with the right opportunities.

We are excited to have Usman Riaz onboard #FocusPK! #UsmanRiaz is the founder of #ManoAnimationStudios – Pakistan's first hand-drawn animation studio. Their first project, #SheeshaGhar, was created by a team of creatives from Pakistan, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, the US and the UK. #TED Senior Fellow and Speaker, Usman Riaz is also an artist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker and visual artist. He is the youngest Senior Fellow in the TED program’s history. He is a #BerkleeCollegeOfMusic whiz kid, who learned much of his dazzling guitar technique by watching YouTube videos at 16. Although Riaz is a classically trained pianist, he also learned percussion, mandolin, harmonium and harmonica, along with how to write and conduct orchestra pieces and make films. He has also written and performed, #CircusInTheSky is a story of the Lost Boy and his journey through life and spiritual awakening. With nominations in #LuxStyleAwards, background score in an upcoming Pakistani film #Seedlings and for the movie #PrimeroDeEnero, to the recent the #HumAwards as the Best Emerging Music Sensation, this young music sensation is everywhere. After #TEDGlobal, he has been traveling all over the world sharing his artwork and music with audiences to emphasize how to use multimedia around us to further our talents. Now he's joining #FocusPK16 with the same aim.

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We are pleased to have Kamal Khan onboard #FocusPK! #KamalKhan is a director and producer, born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Realizing his passion for film while studying at the #UniversityOfSouthernCalifornia, Kamal opted to pursue it fulltime as a way of life. He returned to Pakistan and has since been actively engaged in the local film and television industry as a director, producer and videographer. He joined #FrequencyMedia in 2009 as an In-House Video Producer and worked on #CokeStudio Pakistan for 5 years. In 2012, Kamal returned to the States and studied screenwriting at the #NewYorkFilmAcademy. More recently, Kamal has launched his own production house, #GaliFilms. Having directed music videos and commercials, he is currently excited to be working on his first feature film as a director. As a part of #FocusPK16, he will be sharing his experiences in the industry for the growth of the upcoming talent.

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FPCCI VP Muhammad Hanif Gohar revealed his excitement for the event and is really looking forward to it:

“I am so happy to see our country’s entertainment and production industry — which had been ignored earlier, getting good attention,”

He also credited Odho for her efforts and making this possible.

If you believe that Pakistan has untapped potential and there is still a lot of room for improvement in the industry – this event is for you!

The event will not only help the film industry to grow but also help substantially individuals by creating more job opportunities.

“Cinema culture is becoming a norm in the country but we need something solid to put on those screens which is why we must prefer putting up local content rather than imported ones”, said Atiqa Odho.

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At  the press conference, Atiqa Odho stated :

“FocusPK16 shall be filling in a wide gap in our industry where we have resources but aren’t sure of how best to utilise them. We’re creating a medium of interaction not only for people in the industry but aspiring filmmakers and entertainers who are students right now and don’t know who to get in touch with once they graduate. We hope to create a database for future global collaborations and increase export options for our content through syndication deals in other countries where an Urdu speaking audience needs to be further engaged.”

Odho also mentioned that two big names of the industry, Anwer Maqsood and Ghazanffar Ali, will be recognized for their work along with countless contributions to the industry at the event.

The event will feature sessions on a range of topics- from theatre, music, animation, scripting, storytelling, syndication, censorship and a lot more. There will be a total 18 sessions over the course of two days.

The high-profile event will be studded with the big names of the industry who will then be speaking at the event, therefore aspiring talent is encouraged to attend.

We are pleased to have Nadeem Mandviwalla onboard #FocusPK! #NadeemMandviwalla needs no introduction. He is known for always thinking in the larger interest of Pakistani film and cinema industry. He is the pioneer of revival of Pakistani cinema.Today, he owns the biggest cinema and film-distribution network in Pakistan. He stepped into the film industry back in the 70s and worked on to emerge with #MandviwallaEntertainment as the biggest and well reputed film distribution institution not only in #Lollywood but also in #Bollywood and #Hollywood. Mandviwalla is the man who brought not only Hollywood block busters like #Terminator, #Titanic and #Avatar to Pakistani cinema but also paved the way for Bollywood movies into Pakistan by presenting a classic #MughalEAzam. Nadeem has modernized the Pakistani cinema by introducing the most modern machinery and technique through #DHACinemas in Lahore and #AtriumCinemas in Karachi. It is only because of these multiplexes that movies like #Bol, Bollywood movie #Bodyguard and a 3D Hollywood movie #Rio are have done so well on the box office; exponentially increasing the Pakistani cinema industry’s annual turnover, as the fruit of hard labor rendered by cinema owners, importers and traders like Mandviwalla. Now Nadeem Mandviwalla's addition to #FocusPK16 will help existing and aspiring filmmakers gain valuable insights into the film industry.

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We are honoured to have Maryam Aurangzeb onboard #FocusPK16! Maryam Aurangzeb is a Pakistani politician who is the current Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting. She is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan on a reserved seats for women since 2013. Aurangzeb has worked as part of the team overseeing the education sector. She has been the Parliamentary Secretary for Interior. She has been a member of Standing Committee on Climate Change, member of Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage and Chief Organiser of Youth Women Wing, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. She specialises in strategic thinking and planning and development for environmental conservation, development and international agreements and Millennium Development Goals’ implementation. Her massive expertise and experience will be a boon to #FocusPK.

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Speakers at the conference will include Minister for Information Maryam Aurangzeb, Chairman PEMRA Absar Alam, Aly Mustansir, Usman Peerzada, Maria Wasti, Sarmad Khoosat, Vasay Chaudhry, Zeb Bangash, Sarwat Gilani, Samina Ahmed, Misbah Khalid, Syed Noor, Noor ul Huda Shah, Ajab Gul, Hameed Sheikh, Haseena Moin, Sahira Kazmi, Taher A. Khan, Imran Aslam, Salman Iqbal, Jerjees Seja, Sultana Siddiqui, Nina Kashif, Seema Taher, Fouad Hussain, Reza Gheewalla, Zohaib Kazi, Salman Shahid, Seemi Raheel, Iram Parveen Bilal, Fifi Haroon, Hassan Zaidi, Usman Riaz, Khalid Anum, Omair Rana, Shallum Xavier, Nadeem Mandviwala, Sohail Hashmi, Khalid Malik, Shiraz Uppal, Azhar Abbas, Amir Zia, Rashid Sami among others.

Media registration for FOCUS PK is ongoing at

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