‘Four’ Movie Trailer Is Out And It’ll Scare You For All The Wrong Reasons


Adeel Wali Raees is all set to release a new horror feature “Four” in 2017. The trailer for the film, along with several posters, was recently showcased for the world to see and it’s definitely unique.

The trailer begins with some dramatic overhead shots of a luscious green forest dubbed with an intense dark filter that resembled scenes in the Twilight movie franchise. Suddenly, the words, ‘death is the only threat in life’ in alarmingly large capitals, sprawl across the screen.

This phrase may ring true in some cases, but considering that many people suffer from various other phobias, it’s not exactly factual. Nonetheless, just from the phrase only, this film is already radiating some major Final Destination vibes.

The camera then angles to a girl, running frantically through the forest, holding some large foreign object. It looks like a backpack? Could be something else. More phrases come up on the screen, this time it says, “it chases life.” By it, they probably mean death. Moreover, the personification of death is super original.


The scene cuts to a blank television screen, with obvious signs of a lack of cable. The scene cuts again, this time to a clock. Looks very dramatic, very interesting. The girl is running again and she looks like she’s going to run out of energy very soon. Maybe she should take a break?

It looks as though the large foreign object was not a backpack, but it was indeed a surprisingly enormous stuffed animal. The scenes keep cutting to more inanimate objects, with several white flashes and obnoxiously loud screams and more irrelevant phrases appear on the screen.

The girl is now turning around to the person obviously chasing her. She should have really not turned around because now the psycho following her has captured her. Although in all fairness, the girl should’ve noticed the bulky coffin right in front of her, which she ends up falling in, and then is hacked to death by a masked culprit.

A masked villain may be a first for Pakistani cinema but this has definitely been overdone by Hollywood. Jason, Michael Myers, Scream, just to name a few. This movie looks cliché and unoriginal but knowing that horror films in Pakistan do not have the best rep, let’s just give this one a chance.

Here’s the trailer,