#FPW2016 Day3- Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza Sizzle On The Ramp For Nauman Afreen


Nauman Arfeen’s collection titled, ‘Pukaar’, took a step into the past, presenting traditional outfits with a classic blend of white, gold and maroon on the third day of Fashion Pakistan Week 2016. The mint green colour added a modern touch to the collection. Judging by the turbans and jewellery adorned by the models, Arfeen was clearly inspired by the Mughals.

The addition of children clothes in the collection wasn’t the only delightful part of the event, but on-screen and off-screen couple Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza was as well! Walking the ramp as Arfeen’s showstoppers they awed all the watchers. They displayed their intense chemistry on the ramp whilst adding to the romance of the collection itself. Both were adorned in gold and deep maroon pieces and lit up the room as soon as they walked in.




Sarwat Gilani and Fahad Mirza are known for their romantic relationship outside and inside their acting careers. Recently making their on-screen couple debut on the Urdu 1 serial, ‘Dukh Sukh’, Sarwat Gilani stated,

“This is the first time Fahad and I will be seen on screen together, so one can imagine the chemistry.”

They married in 2014, and since then their love just seems to be getting stronger.

Fashion Pakistan Council was founded in 2007 and was made for the designers, by the designers. It promotes education, empowerment, encouragement and designers both locally and internationally. Since the very first Fashion Pakistan Week, held in 2010, there have been annual events, twice a year, they have launched many designers and provided opportunities for artists everywhere.

All the images are taken from EbuzzToday.