Fuzon is Back with A New Single “O Ki Jane”!


They may have releaased their last album 9 years back, but Fuzon is here to stay. The iconic band is back with a brand new single “O Ki Jane”, which is a refreshing treat for your mind and soul!

“O Ki Jane” is a powerful sufi kalam sung in the soulful voice of Khurram Iqbal with Shallum and Emu’s expert playing in the background. Babar Sheikh has directed the video of this song which truly is mesmerizing!

Watch the video below!

This ostentatious video vividly illustrates every essence of this song and features 3 different people, trapped in their own dilemmas of life who struggle to achieve their inner peace till they finally succeed!

“O Ki Jane” is about finding the true meaning of love and how everyone is puzzled in their own thoughts while looking for what they really want. It shows that the uncertainty of life may leave you frustrated for a while but the satisfaction that comes after achieving peace of mind, is worth all the efforts!

Fuzon has always been one of the iconic names when it comes to the definition of Pakistani music. The band also had Shafqat Amanat Ali as their lead vocalist during the golden era of our music industry and gave so many hits songs including the very famous Mora Saiyan and Aankhon Kay Sagar!

Now, with Khurram Iqbal, Emu and Shallum, Fuzon has made a classic comeback with this perfect sufi kalam that does not only connect with your emotions but also helps the ailing music scene in the country.

The band also released a song “Tick Tock Kahani” recently, that got featured in the animated movie  “Tick Tock”!

Tick Tock Releases its Official Song “Tick Tock Kahani”

“O Ki Jane” has all the ingredients to become your next favorite song and once you listen to it, you can’t resist to play it on a loop!

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