Gabbar Singh Spotted In Karachi!


One of the most iconic villains of the Indian entertainment industry Gabbar Singh is not just in India anymore, because Pakistan has just found its own version now in Karachi.

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The doppelganger of Sholay’s Gabbar Singh has been spotted in a shop at Hyderi, Karachi and the uncanny resemblance has left everyone awestruck.

Have a look at the picture

Can you spot any difference between them? Much resemblance, no? 

Apart from the looks, even the dressing of this person resembles Gabbar Singh’s style and that came as a surprise to all the people on the internet.

The picture has been doing rounds on social media since it was first shared on Tuesday and people could not stop talking about it.

Have a look at people reactions on it! 

Even the mannerism is the same! 

People are now getting curious to hear this iconic dialogue from Gabbar’s duplicate! 

We agree with that, he looks a bit tensed in the picture! 

He might have gained a little bit of weight because of the delicious Pakistani Karachi! 

Even the color of the dress if same! 

Did you think he is a doppelganger of Gabbar Singh? Let us know in the comments section below.

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