Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga: Amir Liaquat Humiliated Meera On Live TV! [Watch Video]


In the race for Ramzan ratings, hosts often forget what they should or should not do. Earlier, Sahir Lodhi lost his cool and shouted at a girl on live television. Whereas Fahad Mustafa is doling out 100 tola gold. However, Amir Liaquat truly takes the cake for inappropriate behavior at a Ramzan show.

While the devil may be locked up during Ramzan, it looks like no one can leash Aamir Liaquat.

A couple of days ago, Amir Liaquat invited Meera Jee to Bol TV’s ‘Game Show Aisay Chalay Ga’. Meera was super excited before the show and even took pictures to commemorate the occasion.

Little did Meera know what was coming to her…

Here’s what went down:

Amir Liaquat invited Meera on stage and then asked her to stand at a specific spot between the audience. Meera, who clearly did not know what was going on, took her spot. Amir Liaquat then went on to ask her strange and embarrassing questions, while telling her not to move from that spot.

Here’s what Amir said,

“Bas yahin mera intezaar kijiye ga. Yahan se jana nahi. Yahan se gayen tou phir wapis nahi ayengi. Ye wo muqaam hai jahan apney khara rehna hai. Kyunke yahin mainey ana hai.”

He then started asking her,

“Kya tum achi gharelu bahu baan skti hu? Kya aik behtareen khatoon bn skti hu?”

Meera tried her best to answer the barrage of questions,

“Khana bana k. Bache paida karke. Namaze parh k. Shohar k pair daba k. Saas ki khidmat karke.”

And you can imagine the rest….

The whole thing ended with Aamir Liaquat announcing the hunt for Meera’s husband.

What I really want to know is, why wasn’t anyone curating the content? Why didn’t any of the producers stop this from happening?

Meera is a well-known celebrity in Pakistan and many people still love and adore her. Surely, she did not deserve such treatment.

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