Geo Sar Utha Kay: An Upcoming Pakistani Movie That Failed to Create a Buzz


Amidst a plethora of much hyped upcoming Lollywood movies, there is one Pakistani film, ‘Geo Sar Utha Kay’ that no one is talking about! The trailers and posters do reveal how typical of a Lollywood flick this will be though.

An action-packed trailer was recently released and has revealed so much about the movie. It showcases four men attempting to bring about a change in the city, Rajanpur.

With a touch of romance, strong friendships, passion and some intense dialogues, if not a success, the movie does look like an entertainer for the masses.

Watch the trailer below:

We aren’t recommending it though, watch it at your own risk guys because it does have traces of clichéd old Lollywood movies we hate to admit Pakistan has produced.

The very talented Shafqat Cheema, popular for playing the antagonist in several Pakistani movies had the following to say about the movie’s plot:

“It’s a story of how four best friends decide to change the fate of Rajanpur and when one of them is killed in the process, the three vow to avenge and change the system forever. It’s the story of how these young men realize the helplessness of every person in Rajanpur and involve the Punjab Police to help.”

The movie characters, attires, and style portray a very Punjabi aura and we seem to instantly relate it to the old Pakistani cinema days!

The movie Geo Sar Utha Kay will be starring Babar Ali, Sheharyar Cheema, Babar Ali, Umar Cheema, Yasir Khan, Naeem Khan, Areeba Khan, Shafqat Cheema, Nayyer Ijaz, Ahmad Qaynaat, Rana Rashid and Mehmood Arshad in leading roles!

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