Ghughi Episode 10 Review: Intensity at its Peak!


Due to its promising script and outclass performance, Ghughi is becoming more and more interesting with every new episode and this time the intensity was simply at its peak!

Last time we saw Nirmala trying to commit suicide after her parents refused to take her back when Rasheed came to save the day and takes her back to his hideout where two guys of his village try to take advantage of the situation after finding her alone!

Well, this episode started as Rasheed, fortunately, makes it back in time and decides to take Nirmala to his house in order to keep her safe.

The whole Sodiwal knows that Shahokaar’s daughter is still in Sheikh’s possession and every man in the town, including the Sarpanj, is eager to claim their right to the kidnapped girl.

Analyzing the complexity of the situation, Rasheed decides to marry Nirmala so she can safely reside at his place but for that to happen, Nirmala must first convert to Islam.

Rasheed explains the whole situation to her and rather than having a reputation of a kidnapped girl who everyone thinks have the permit to lay their hands on, Nimmo accepts the proposal.

Nirmala is now converted to Islam, named as Fatima Sheikh and also gets married to Rasheed. Inayat Bibi has even called Nimmo her daughter and everyone, except Rasheed’s mother, is happy about this decision!

Even though this is Amar Khan’s debut serial but she’s already impressed the audience with her talent that we can see pouring out in every new episode and she’s remained brilliant throughout!

Nimmo hasn’t yet made peace with the situation and blames Rasheed for everything that has happened to her. Rasheed knows he did a terrible thing out of vengeance but he truly loves her and apologizes for his mistakes.

The classic performance of Adnan Siddiqui is worth the praise and we know that he’s at his best while giving appropriate expressions!

It’ll be interesting to see how these two are going to build up their relationship and how will Nimmo, now Fatima, will face the bitterness of Rasheed’s mother.

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