Ghughi Episode 11 Review: A New Start for Rasheed and Nirmala!


Ghughi, a perfect mixture of so many colors that vibrantly tell the tale of an old rivalry along side a love story, has ultimately become our favorite drama to watch every Thursday!

Last episode of Ghughi brought a major turn in the story and Rasheed is now married to Nirmala, who has been named Fatima after being converted to Islam.

Drowning in his own guilt, Rasheed admits that he did a terrible thing but now wants to make up for it. He remains the man of his words and takes a stand for Nirmala when his mother’s behavior turns cold towards her!

In Jhalinder, Taekchand still is unable to accept Nikki as his wife and confronts her parent for hiding the truth of Nimmo’s death on the wedding day.

He considers himself as the victim in this case who wasn’t even considered to have a say in the biggest decision of his life!

Sukhchand discusses his concern regarding Nimmo’s death to Taekchand and reveals about going back to find her. Taekchand assures him to control the situation and not telling anyone till he comes back!

Whenever Hamza Firdous and Haris Waheed share a scene, there’s such a positive chemistry between them which shows the respect, their characters have for each other being brothers in law.

Leaving his mother even more frustrated, Rasheed takes Nirmala to a new place with the aim to start a new journey of their lives from scratch. But, Nirmala’s heart is still stuck in her past and she is having a hard time accepting her new present!

Another stellar performance by Adnan Siddiqui who just perfectly fits into every role he plays and Amar Khan, on the other hand, makes us emotionally connected with the character and sometimes, makes us cry along!

Let’s see how these two will develop their relationship in the coming episodes!

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