Ghughi Episode 12 Review: Brilliant Episode With Intensity At Its Peak!


Another week of Ghughi with another brilliant episode and this super thrilling story is getting more intense every passing week!

Rasheed’s love for Nirmala is making him do all the house chores now which includes making roti as well. He just wants to see Nirmala happy again and is trying really hard to win her heart!







In Jhalinder, on the other hand, is struggling to get along with Taekchand; Nikki tries to talk to him following her mother’s advice but her efforts go in vain!

Taekchand, who is still mourning Nimmo’s death, refuses to give Nikki the same spot in his heart he has for Nirmala and until he gets over her, Nikki will have to bear his rude behavior!

Preeto overhears Deewan Chand and Parvati talking about Nirmala being alive and she tells Sukhchand everything, who is already quite disturbed over this issue!

Sukhchand is now even more determined and decides to go back to their haweli to find his sister but he asks Preeto to keep the truth about Nirmala’s death to herself because he doesn’t want to risk Nimmo’s life again!

Taekchand senses the tension and tries to talk to Sukhchand who assures him that everything is fine and all the stuff he said about Nirmala’s disappearance before was due to the emotional trauma he suffered after her death!

Hamza Firdous and Haris Waheed stole the show once again and it is always a treat to watch them together!

Inayat bibi visits Nirmala and makes her understand that whatever happened to her was far worse than what Nirmala is going through. At least she has got the chance to start her life over again with Rasheed, who is madly in love with her!

Nirmala is now trying to make peace with her situation but it’s tough for her to live with the same person who ruined her life!

This episode was more focused on how all these characters are challenging their state of mind while accepting the reality and one way or another, each of them is going through the similar kind of pain!

Will Nirmala forget her past and make peace with her present or will Sukhchand succeed in finding Nirmala?

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