Ghughi Episode 13 Review: Sukhchand On A Mission To Find Nirmala!


With so much going on already, the 13th episode of Ghughi aired last night, adding more drama to this compelling story!

Last time we saw Nirmala trying to make peace with her fate but it’s really tough for her to forget her unfortunate past and live with the same person who kind of ruined everything for her!

Nirmala gets mad at Rasheed who forcefully takes her to engrave “Fatima” on her wrist in order to dilute the rumors of her being a Hindu, in the neighborhood!

Rasheed apologizes for his actions and is trying is level best to gain Nirmala’s trust and love because for him, she’s the whole world now!

Yet again, another phenomenal performance by Amar Khan and when she shares the screen with Adnan Siddiqui, it just gets even more tempting!

Trying to adjust to her new life, Nirmala finally gets to feel normal after a long time, when she meets this girl, of Nikki’s age, at the well and they bond immediately. Let’s see if this girl will play an important role in the coming episodes!

After coming back to their village with Preeto, Sukhchand goes on the mission to trace any clue about Nirmala. He finds the Khoji who helps him in finding his missing sister.

Sukhchand is now more determined than before and he goes to the police station in order to file a missing person report against Rasheed. Even though he doesn’t get a satisfactory response from the officer in charge but he is told to visit again after a day or two!

In Jhalinder, Deewan Chand tries to normalize the situation between the two and suggests Taekchand take Nikki on a vacation to Kashmir. Taekchand refuses instantly and tells him that the only reason he’s staying here is that Sukhchand is away at the moment!

Let’s see if Sukhchand will be able to locate his missing sister in the coming episodes or the story will go in a different direction!

Watch the promo for the next episode!

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