Ghughi Episode 14 Review: The Perfect Blend of Emotions and Drama!


The 14th episode of Ghughi aired last night and a lot of things happened that added more drama to this thrilling story!

Last time we saw how Sukhchand involved the police to look for his missing sister but don’t get a satisfactory response from the officer in charge, who thinks of it as a political matter between the Congress and the Muslim League!

The police officer comes to sort out the kidnap case of Nirmala with Sajjad and is overwhelmed by their power in the region, he decides to support the Sheikhs against the Shahokaars!

In Jhalinder, Deewan Chand gets really furious when a legal notice arrives from Sandewal and asks Taekchand to immediately call Sukhchand back, realizing the sensitivity of the situation!

Ghughi is gradually building up the intensity that arose during the pre-partition period between the Hindus and the Muslim and even though it’s not a political story but still, we can sense the tension that erupted between the two groups!

Rasheed finds out the reason why Deewan Chand didn’t accept Nirmala back was that Sajjad threatened him. He gets worried about losing Nirmala when he gets to know that her brother has knocked on the police station while looking for her!

Rasheed gets all emotional and tells Nirmala that he can’t afford to lose her, now that he loves her the most and even Nirmala hugs him back!

Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan wonderfully played this super emotional scene and they don’t fail to give their best performance to date every week!

With the hope of finally going back home, Nirmala gets really happy and excited after knowing that Sukhchand has not forgotten her. She prepares food, cleans the house, gets dressed and waits for her brother but all her efforts go in vain!

Since there was a proper funeral for Nirmala and Sukhchand himself, did all the rituals, the police officer brings this topic up and asks him to prove how would his sister be still alive? The officer tries to give this case a political color and Sukhchand is left with no choice but to go back to Jhalinder again!

Haris Waheed, once again, gave a remarkable performance and was brilliant throughout the episode!

Let’s see how Sukhchand handles the situation now in the coming episodes!

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