Ghughi Episode 15 Review: New Beginning For Nirmala And Rasheed


The 15th episode of Ghughi aired last night and a lot of things happened that added more drama to this thrilling story!

Due to its promising script and outclass performances, Ghughi is becoming more and more interesting with every new episode and this time the intensity was simply at its peak!

As in the last episode, we find out that since Nirmala was cremated, there can be no case of missing persons against her and Sukhchand is left with no choice but to go back to Jhalinder again!

On the other hand, Inayat Bibi assumes that the Sahokar family wants to get rid of Nirmala and that is the reason they arranged a proper funeral for her. She expresses her opinion by saying that who would want to accept a girl who was being kidnapped.

Nikki, the wife of Taekchand doubts that her husband doesn’t like her at all and he is in love with another woman. And to express her anger at him, she denies to accompany him to Sandewal.

On the other side, Rasheed was informed by his father that no report has been filed by the police officer on Nirmala’s kidnapping case. Rasheed was all happy to hear the news.

Nikki is left totally helpless when she is informed by her younger sister that Nirmala is alive and was kicked out of the house by her father when she visited the house during Nikki’s wedding. On hearing this, she immediately left for Sandewal to keep an eye on her husband.

But we were all happy to see that Nirmala is finally developing feelings for Rasheed and trying her best to accept the changes she has gone through.

The episode belongs to Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan who have raised the bar high with their emotional as well as expressive performances. The rest of the cast also impressed which is why the drama is trending on top!

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