Ghughi Episode 16 Review: Can’t Get Better Than This!


The 16th episode of Ghughi aired last night and as we are going deep into the story, this fascinating journey of love, hatred and revenge is reaching new heights of thrill with so many turns and twists, every week!

In the latest episode, Sukhchand and his friend roam around the village looking for Rasheed and get to meet Ramdai. Sukhchand’s friend tries to flirt with her but Sukhchand cuts off the topic and asks Ramdai about Rasheed’s farms.

Another amazing performance by Haris Waheed and his expressions perfectly blend with the seriousness his character possesses. He simply can’t let go the fact that Nirmala is still alive and even though, the option to take Nirmala back will greatly affect Nikki’s married life, Sukhchand plans to take revenge by setting Rasheed’s farms on fire!

Ramdai, who has developed a sisterly bond with Nirmala, tells her about Sukhchand and how he was asking about Rasheed and his farms. Nirmala asks her to convey her message to him and, eagerly waits for her brother to visit her!

While Sukhchand is out, implementing his plan, Ramdai goes to meet him but finds his drunk friend instead. The guy takes advantage of finding her alone and rapes her and when Sukhchand arrives, they both leave for Kashmir, with Sukhchand having no clue about the girl!

All these events occur in a matter of one night and take a whole new shape in the form of rumors that spread around the village like a fire. Rasheed is blamed for raping a young, Hindu girl and people assume that the fire set in his farms, was the reaction for his action!

Since this drama is based in the mid-1940s when the Hindu-Muslim controversy was taking new colors, Rasheed senses the intensity and in order to calm the situation down between the two communities in the neighborhood, he accepts the blame and pays his due but his uncle Sajjad finds it as a huge insult!

Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan were once again brilliant throughout the whole episode. Rasheed and Nirmala leave the village and have now come back to live with Rasheed’s family again. Let’s see how the lives of these two and the others, will be affected in the coming episodes!

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