Ghughi Episode 4 Review: Rasheed Will Go to Any Extent to Achieve His Goals!


The fourth episode of Ghughi got aired last night and it was again, full of drama, emotions and some outclass acting!

From the last episode we know how Nirmala got scared after seeing Rasheed in the farms. She is dreaming all scary stuff now and her family is really worried about her.

Rasheed, on the other hand, has fallen in love with Nimmo and he is unable to focus on anything else but thinking about her!

Nirmala’ brother goes to meet Taekchand to discuss about moving the wedding date earlier then decided, keeping Nimmo’s health in mind. Taekchand is concerned about her to-be wife because he doesn’t believe in the ghost stories that the ladies are talking about!


Rasheed’s mother has already started preparing for Rasheed’s wedding as she very confident about her son achieving his aims. She now wants the best of the clothes to dress him up on his upcoming achievement!

Nirmala and Taekchand’s wedding is already here and when the baraat is on its way, Rasheed kills off one of the helping men and takes his place.

This leads to a disturbance and Taekchand’s mother takes it as a bad sign but her husband calms her down!

Nirmala is really excited yet nervous on her wedding day plus she also very worried about not seeing Taekchand at all. Taekchand successfully plans a meetup through a window and both of them share a cute moment.

Taekchand also asks Nirmala if she had seen something that is causing her trouble but Nirmala cuts off the topic!

Everyone is happy and dancing on this beautiful day when Rasheed’s presence in the house catches Nirmala eyes and she gets unconscious again!

Rasheed is now fully determined about loving Nirmala and he will go to any extent to have her in his life. Let’s see what’s his next step is going to be in the coming episode!

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