Ghughi Episode 5 Review: It’s Getting Better With Every Episode!


We are into the 5th episode of Ghughi now and it’s getting better with every new episode!

In the 4th episode, we saw how Nimmo got scared after seeing Rasheed in the house, leaving everyone worried about her condition and now her wedding is moved earlier than decided.

Sukhchand is really concerend about his sister and while wandering in the fields he comes across Amma patti and other ladies of the village, who talk about the downfall of Shahokaars in their village and what they did to Inayat Bibi.

Even though this incident happened many decades ago, Sukhchand is now even more worried about Nimmo and asks her if she likes someone else other than Taekchand or otherwise he will not waste a moment to kill the guy whom she gets scared of!

Seeing his brother furious, Nimmo cuts off the topic by saying that it was all in her head and later discusses the whole situation with her mother.

Taekchand talks to his father about moving the wedding earlier than decided and the whole situation. His father assures him that everything will be handled carefully and once they all move to Jhalindar after wedding, Nimmo’s condition will get better!

Sukhchand goes to Taekchand’s house to deliver some wedding stuff, where he gets to meet Preeto for the first time. They both share a cute moment, taking the story to a lighter mode.

Rasheed has his own plans and he does not seem to back off. He is not wasting any moment to learn even the tinniest detail about Nimmo’s wedding and it looks like he’s already figured out his first move!

So the episode ended with Nimmo yet again, alone in the fields when she goes out with her sister and other girls and decides to meet Taekchand alone!

Let’s see if this can be turned into the perfect moment for Rasheed to execute his first move or Nirmala will end up meeting Taekchand safe and secure!

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