Ghughi Episode 6 Review: The Story Takes a Twist Leaving Everyone Traumatized!


Ghughi has been an overwhelming journey of emotions since the very first episode and the intensity seem to touch new heights of thrill with every new week!

The story has finally taken the much-awaited twist as Rasheed successfully implements his plan and kidnaps Nirmala by taking advantage of finding her alone in the fields!

This uncanny mixture of hatred, revenge and love, has made Rasheed to take this huge step and now that he has succeeded, he feels terrible for doing so.

We don’t think anyone else could play the role of Rasheed better than Adnan Siddiqui himself because he knows how to bring authenticity to his character and grab our full attention!

Nirmala stays in an unconscious state after being kidnapped and when she wakes up to see Rasheed by his side, she again passes out while screaming out of fear!

Sukhchand doesn’t waste a single moment and goes on searching for Nirmala when he finds out that she is not at home. He finds Nikki and other girls in the field searching for Nimmo but the only things they could find are, Nirmala’s sandal and some of her broken bangles.

Sukhchand tries everything to find Nirmala and he is shook by the whole situation. The intensity Haris Waheed brings to Sukhchand character is simply a treat to watch and this is probably the best we have seen of him till date!

Nirmala’s father makes the hardest decision of his life when he fakes Nirmala’s death as a result of snake biting to avoid any circumstances that will bring disgrace to their honor and have an effect on their lives.

The whole family is totally damaged and they are even more shattered when Nimmo’s father announces that Nikki will now marry Taekchand and the wedding will be held on the decided date!

The 6th episode of Ghughi was full of non-stop action and our emotional connection with this thriller has now gotten even stronger!

Let’s see how Nirmala is going to accept the fact that she’s really been kidnapped by his stalker and how Taekchand will take the news of Nirmala’s death on the wedding day!

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