Ghughi Episode 7 Review: The Reawakening of an Old Rivalry!


Love, revenge and hatred mix in the perfect amount to give us a new thrilling episode of Ghughi every week!

Last episode brought an epic twist where Rasheed kidnaps Nirmala prior to her wedding day and takes her to his hideout and Nirmala’s father fakes her death to control the situation.

Deewan Chand makes a cold decision of marrying Nikki off with Taekchand, considering her safety first because he doesn’t want another daughter to face the same what Nirmala had to.

Nikki is helpless in this situation and marrying her sister’s fiancé soon after her death leaves her in great grief. Taekchand’s family doesn’t even get a hint of Nirmala being missing and they take the new bride home!

Sukhchand is going through a tough time adjusting to the truth and he worries about his sisters while his mother

Taekchand happiness fades away when he finds out that it’s Nikki in place of Nirmala and he thinks of it as some kind of a post-wedding prank. When Nikki tells him the truth about Nimmo’s death, Taekchand goes in a state of shock and even though, he doesn’t blame Nikki for this situation but he gets furious on her parents for not even trusting him!

Rasheed’s mother feels pride on his son for taking the revenge of his family, reawakening an old rivalry. The way she flaunts Punjabi in such an expressive way is worth the appreciation.

Rasheed stays in guilt for his own act and tries to wake Nirmala up. This whole situation has given the courage to Nimmo to speak up and she finally argues with Rasheed instead of getting continuously afraid of him!

Rasheed tells her the story of Inayat Bibi as the real motive behind his act and Nimmo helplessly screams that she has nothing to do with that!

Adnan Siddiqui and Amar Khan were brilliant in this scene and they perfectly depicted the emotional state of both the characters!

Watch the promo for the next episode!

The next episode looks like an even interesting one as an old rivalry has finally been reawakened. Let’s see what situation will arise in the coming episodes!

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