Ghughi Episode 8 Review: Things are Getting Intense!


We are into the 8th episode of Ghughi and the story just keeps getting intense with every new episode.

The news of Nimmo being dead comes as a shock to Taekchand’s mother and Taekchand is furious on Nimmo’s parents for not telling them the truth and secretly marrying Nikki off but his father calms his down and makes him understand the situation.

The uniqueness in Taekchand’s character is really well played by Hamza Firdous and even in such intense situation, he expresses his anger in the politest way!

The news of Shahokaar’s daughter being kidnapped by the Sheikhs is out now but Deewan Chand tries his best to not let Sukhchand know about it for he will take a bold step out of rage for the safety of his sister.

Even though both the families are in total distress, but they fulfill their responsibility of marrying Preeto to Sukhchand so that all of them can move to Jhalinder as soon as possible considering the political situation.

Rasheed may have taken the wrong way to create justice but he is pretty determined on his words and he doesn’t want to keep her any longer than 3 days or it would be unfair. He takes Nirmala somewhere else to keep her out of the reach of his people.

Adnan Siddiqui has made Rasheed character so relatable that he’s not really a bad guy but since he was raised to take revenge, so he did!

Sajjad goes to meet Deewan Chand to ignite some harsh memories and also warns him about the outcome if Shahokaar’s decides to come face to face with the Sheikhs. Deewan Chand seem totally helpless in this scenario!

The episode ended in an interesting way when Rasheed is taking Nimmo back and they see Taekchand and Nikki on their way. Just when Nimmo screams, the episode ended!

Let’s see how this will bring twist in the story in the coming episodes.

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