Ghughi Episode 9 Review: The Perfect Mixture of Love, Hatred and Revenge!


The 9th episode of Ghughi aired last night and this perfect mixture of love, hatred and revenge was yet again filled with some thrilling drama and amazing performances.

Last time we saw how Nirmala’s disappearance created a chaos but Deewan Chand controls the situation and the wedding is held at the decided date.

Rasheed is the man of his words and he takes Nirmala back to her house after exactly 3 days, keeping aside his feelings for her.

Nimmo faces another heart break when her parents, with a cold heart, refuse to keep her there because if Sukhchand finds out that Nimmo was kidnapped by the Sheikhs, he will not hesitate to take a bold step.

Mohsin Gillani and Asma Abbas were magnificent in this scene and the pain they are going through as Nimmo’s parent was truly depicted. Even though Deewan Chand has closed his doors for Nimmo but deep inside he’s crying for her and feels helpless!

Nimmo pleads them and Sukhchand hears her voice but Deewan Chand tells him that it’s all in his head but Sukhchand is not convinced!

Nimmo’s youngest sister saw all this but her mother makes her promise to not to tell this to anyone.

Nimmo sees no other way but to kill herself and she goes to the same well, where Rasheed’s father killed himself, to commit suicide. Rasheed comes to the rescue and takes her back again.

Sukchand, Preeto, Taeckchand and Nikki are all in Jhalinder now. Sukhchand is still worried about Nimmo and he plans to go back to find about her more.

Taekchand still hasn’t accepted Nikki as his wife and they both share awkwardness even in small talks.

Rasheed goes to meet his uncle and these two guys from his village finds a way to Nirmala. Let’s see if Rasheed can make it before something terrible happens to Nirmala again!

Yet again, the amazing cast of Ghughi including Adnan Siddiqui, Amar Khan, Hamza Firdaus and Haris Waheed, never fails to grab our full attention and the story is getting more interesting episode by episode which makes us hook to our screens for the whole time!

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