Gohar Rasheed Steals The Show In Rangreza’s Slow Motion Poster


As we all know the much awaited for film Rangreza is all set to release on 21st December this year. Although the trailer of the film is yet to surface on the internet, so far the teasers and songs look very promising. Just recently the slow motion poster was released and we can no longer hold back our excitement.

Gohar Rasheed Wins Best Supporting Actor TV IPPA Award 2017 for Man Mayal

In the poster we see Rangreza’s stars in all their glory. No doubt Pakistan’s heartthrob Bilal Ashraf and the gorgeous Urwa Hocane looked amazing, however just like in the teaser, Gohar Rasheed once again stole the show.

Considering the fact that we more or less have an idea of the roles that Urwa Hocane and Bilal Ashraf might be playing, Gohar Rasheed’s role is surrounded with a certain mystery. His look for the film is interesting, in the poster we see him on the harmony and there is something very intriguing  about his character.

Needless to say Gohar has really got everyone wondering and we cannot wait to see what this versatile actor on the big screen, since he is bound to nail any role that he takes up in a project.

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