‘GoT’ Season 6 Premiere Episode Sets a New Record

Bushra Ansari Sari

The much-awaited and hyped first episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 has hit a new record for the series, which returned to air over the weekend with an audience of 10.7 million tuning in overall.

The figure, which includes the nearly 8 million viewers who tuned in during its 9pm premiere telecast on Sunday, in addition to those who watched the two encores, and fans who tuned into streaming services, HBO Go and HBO Now, is almost 400,000 up from the last record set by the series.

Game of Thrones

While a more accurate audience tally is several weeks away, Sunday’s season premiere has also so far been dubbed the most-pirated show on TV for several years running, with more than 1 million downloading the episode, according to figures by TorrentFreak.

The most recent season of Game of Thrones averaged just north of 20 million viewers per episode, with the fifth season finale drawing a similar high of 8.11 million viewers on its premiere and 10.3 million initial gross viewers – with the show is expected to hit new highs as it continues to grow in popularity.