Governor Sindh Promises To Address Issues Face By Film Makers In Pakistan


Film Producers Association delegate lead by Chairman Syed Noor, Chairman Distributors Association Mohammad Ijaz Kamran and IMGC group Chairman Sh. Amjad Rashid met with Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair to discuss issues faced by their fraternity.

Mohammad Zubair appreciated the services and contribution of Syed Noor in the film industry. Syed Noor appreciated the noble gesture of federal government and patronage of Governor Sindh to hold Pakistan International Film Festival (PIFF). However, it was pointed out that film industry was not truly represented throughout the festival. Even major players in the film industry like Evernew group, Eveready group, IMGC group and HKC group with the contribution of over 80% of movies produced and released have not been taken on board.

Mohammad Ijaz Kamran also highlighted film policy announced in film convention but so far it is restricted up to just the announcement. No practical step has been taken, including welfare fund for artists and technicians.

Sh. Amjad Rashid, having released around 290 movies and with a major investment of around Rs. 280 million in Pakistani movies, forwarded his point of view particularly the desired role of federal government for promoting business in China. India has successfully launched and earned substantial foreign exchange with the release of movie Dangal, Secret Superstar, Bajrangi Bhaijan and Hindi Medium has crossed business of $23.82 million.

No recent Pakistani movie has been released in China despite some of the films having the potential to do well in the country. There is dire need of joint production between Pakistan & China and despite Chalay Thay Saath having a Chinese actor in the lead, the film didn’t get an opening in China because there was no government backing.

It was also pointed out that incentives for international releases of Pakistani movies are required from government. Tax exemption for producers and distributors have not been announced and formally not incorporated.

Governor Sindh accepted reservations expressed by the members and assured that federal government treats all the provinces alike. He promised to take up the proposal including release and co-production of China-Pak with the government.