Gul Makai’s Poster Has Hidden Messages to Decipher

gul makai in pakistan

The poster of upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Gul Makai’, a biopic based on Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, has been revealed. The first look gave us major goosebumps as it highlights intense insights from the activist’s life.

It flawlessly manages to sum up everything about Malala’s life in a single image. Many might not have noticed the empowering elements in the poster used to reflect Malala’s struggle for uniform education.

Have a look at the poster! 

However, we have come across a few secret messages, hinting about Malala’s struggle while fighting terrorism.

In the poster, the girl, Reem Sameer Shaikh, can be seen holding a burning book. Half of it is engulfed in flames and debris, signifying war while the other half shows birds, representing the sign of peace.

It paints a brave picture of Malala when portraying her struggle for quality education and her fight against terrorism.

The other thing that caught our attention is that the typography of the title, which includes three bullets. They remind us that Malala was shot thrice by Taliban as she rode on a school bus near her home in 2012.

The film’s tagline is also very engaging as it revolves around the famous quote of Malala, “One child, one teacher, one book & one pen, can change the world.”

The makers of the movie have also unveiled the motion poster in which a deep voice echoes:

“This is about those times when the Taliban was destroying Pakistan and Afghanistan in the name of Jihad and religion. When from a very small village in Pakistan, a voice arose.”

This biopic is directed by Amjad Khan with most of the film shot in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Apart from Reem Sameer Shaikh, the cast of the movie includes Divya Dutta and the late Om Puri.

Can you decode any more secret messages that the movie makers are trying to give out? Let us know in the comments section below.

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