Hadiqa Kiani Slams Media For Publishing Fake News!


Yesterday, the grapevine was abuzz with news of Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiani being arrested for smuggling two kilograms of cocaine, at Heathrow airport, London.

According to MetroUK, the report stated that she was handed over to Port Authority police and was awaiting prosecution by the London District Attorney.

Kiani, who was in fact in Lahore at the time, slammed the media who were publishing the news without any confirmation.

Hadiqa even tweeted a picture, saying that she was in Lahore, celebrating her nephew’s birthday.

But it seems the media did not believe her and called her up, asking for details. This is when Kiani decided to go live on ARY News and confirm that she is still in Lahore.

In an interview with ARY News at the singer’s home, she stated that she is in fact in Lahore and not in London. Watch the interview below:

Watch the interview below:

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