Hadiqa Kiani’s New Song ‘Kamlee Da Dhola’ is Finally Here!


The wait is finally over, Hadiqa Kiani’s new track “Kamlee Do Dhola” has been released. The song is featuring live instruments and it has no autotune in it.

Hadiqa posted the track on her official Twitter page recently.

The compilation, recording and production of this album has been done by her brother Irfan Kiani.

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Introducing the individuality and feature of each instrument set in an open and live environment, the album consists of eight tracks which have been recorded in a purely organic, live studio.


WAJD is not just an ordinary album, the main idea behind it is to reestablish the tradition that has been lost, focusing entirely on a musical journey portraying folk songs and eastern traditions. It is free of all sorts of superficial instruments and digital recordings.

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Hadiqa, who has mastered the art of learning various languages will be highlighting most of them in her new album. The six regional languages along with Punjabi, Saraiki, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto and Urdu songs are a part of her album.

Kamlee Do Dhola has been sung in Siraiki and the song is very calming and soulful.

Listen to it below:


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