Halloween 2016: Best & Worst Costumes [In Pictures]

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Halloween 2016 has been a crazy event, costumes received upgrades, new creatures and idea surfaced, not to forget there were some pretty amazing costumes that actually gave us goosebumps! Just like everyone else, our Hollywood divas and kings got together to celebrate the night of the dead.

A few stepped out Monday night to enjoy the event at Heidi Klum’s 17th Annual Halloween Party at Vandal in downtown NYC. Major names like Coco Austin, Gabrielle Union, Bethenny Frankel, Tinashe, and even Serena Williams dared to dress to impress at the blood-red carpet. On the other hand, many celebs nailed their costumes on Insta, showing off their never-before-seen avatars.

Here is our personal list of the best and worst costumes of Halloween 2016:

Best Costumes of Halloween 2016

1. Beyonce and Jay-Z as Barbie & Ken

One of the hottest couple from Hollywood decided to go with the perfect costumes to display their love story, Beyonce and Jay-Z dressed as Barbie and Ken, and simply nailed it!


2. Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell

You have to admit, Paris does make a gorgeous fairy, one you would want to keep for yourself. She looked absolutely ‘perfect’ in her Disney costume.

#Tinkerbell ✨✨?✨✨

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3. Taylor Swift as Deadpool

Who doesn’t love Deadpool, especially when T-Swift is the lady behind the mask? Her entire posse looked ready to celebrate a memorable Halloween 2016 event.


4. Lindsay Lohan as Harley Quinn

You have to admit, Lohan is a good choice to portray Harley Quinn. Not to discriminate and all but Quinn’s character does have a perfect fit with Lohan.


5. Martha  Stewart as Nurse Martha

Martha Stewart slayed it wearing a head to toe donned nurse outfit, not to forget how whose lens look like they bring the entire outfit, together.

?? Nurse Martha will see you now! #halloween #costumeideas ?: @bydaisymakeup

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6. Katy Perry as Hilary Clinton

It’s no secret that Katy Perry is a Democrat, she displayed her love and affection towards nominee, Hilary Clinton on Halloween just a few left till the elections! Smart!

7. Lena Dunham as Pussy Cat

Well, how could Dunham stay behind with all the election hype going on, not to forget Donald Trump’s famous ‘locker room’ talk?


Happy Halloween! With love from a Grabbed Pussy ✋? ? by the very tolerant @jenna_wb #imanasshole

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8. Jack Braff as Maverick (Tom Cruise)

If you thought Tom Cruise was the best actor for Top Gun, wait till you see Jack Braff as Tom Cruise (Maverick)!

You can be my wingman anytime. ??

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9. Ellen DeGeneres as Sia

The ‘Comedy Queen’, Ellen DeGeneres is known for her funny and down to earth costumes, including her impression of none other than Sia.

Happy Halloween from me and @HeidiKlum!

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10. Lewis Hamilton as Joker

One of the most unrecognized celebs who took everyone off their feet was Lewis Hamilton, he absolutely nailed the costume of Joker and looked remarkably like the legendary Heath Ledger.

Lewis Hamilton was almost unrecognisable with a bloody slashed grin and greasy green hair as he arrived at Heidi Klum's annual Halloween party dressed as The Joker

Worst Costumes

While many celebs dressed like eye-candy, there were some who made us wonder why they dressed as they did.

1. Sofia Richie

Unfortunately for Justin Bieber’s ex, Halloween 2016 remained dull as many individuals backlashed about her choice of costume and her makeup.

Treats party?

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2. Justin Timberlake

We have seen the sexy back singer in better costumes….

#2BranchsandaPoppy #MomandDadlife @jessicabiel

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3. Colton Haynes

What was he thinking? WhHy was he thinking?

4. Serena Williams

She must have regretted her choice as soon as she walked in….

Serena Williams may also have regretted her choice of a neon sportswear outfit, incorporating an alarmingly high cut leotard

5. Madonna 

Her fans must not have been truly impressed with her, not even close.

It's unlikely that Madonna won too many fans with her outfit, given the recent Killer Clown craze

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