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Long gone are the days when Pakistanis hid their faces when someone mentioned Lollywood. The mid-2000s brought about a game changer in the form of ‘Khuda Ke Liye’. Since then, every year is a release of something fresh and new from our industry, loved by the audiences.

The year 2016 was no different. It showcased a variety of films that either spoke to the audiences or did not. The only thing left, is to see what the award shows make out of these releases.

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The recent LSA nominations for 2017 has received mixed reactions. While some rejoice for the art that gained a spot in the nominations. Others are disheartened, due to their favorites being snubbed.

‘Abdullah: The Final Witness’ was one of the few films who got no recognition from the LSAs. Despite the fact that it was the second Pakistani film to be showcased at the illustrious, Cannes Film Festival 2016.

Abdullah- The Final Witness

Here at VeryFilmi, we had an exclusive interview with Hameed Sheikh who starred in ‘Abdullah-The Final Witness’. We asked him about his reaction to the LSA nominations. The actor, whose film was acclaimed worldwide, was disappointed to see ‘Abdullah-The Final Witness’ ignored at the LSAs.

He says,

I feel that they haven’t seen all the films.

Hameed Sheikh sheds light on the fact that the Pakistani award shows usually highlight the popular performances whereas the art films are hidden in the background.

They should consider all forms of art. They should not be mediocre, rather go for the artsy films as well. And watch all the films.

Hameed Sheikh

I just want to be recognised for my work.

According to Sheikh, an artist is someone whose work speaks for itself. He would rather be recognized for his work than by his name. He does not feel the need to be in the limelight to prove his talent. Rather, he believes that his work will speak for itself and he is happy with what he has achieved so far.

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

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