Hamza Ali Abbasi Calls Out Pakistani Actresses For Doing Item Numbers

hamza ali abbasi item number

The famous actor and social activist Hamza Ali Abbasi is known as one of the most outspoken celebrities in our entertainment industry.

The ‘Waar’ actor never shies away from sharing his opinions through his Twitter account and is always ready to face any kind of criticism.

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Recently, the actor kick-started a debate when he schooled a minor over dancing on an item number.

A video has been doing rounds on social media and in which the actor can be seen saying that the impact item numbers are worst.

In the video, he said:

This is the impact item numbers are making. I will keep on saying about this item song culture. I am begging to self correct yourself.

He further added:

How can you expect everyone to respect a number when you make her stand between men and throw money at her in such songs?

Have a look at the video below!

This is not the first time Hamza Ali Abbasi expressed her opinion against item numbers in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

Earlier, he took to his social media accounts and said that such songs are against the essence of women empowerment.

Here’s his status!

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