Hamza Ali Abbasi Defends Pakistani Shalwar Kameez At HUM Awards 2017 In The Best Way Possible!


Hamza Ali Abbasi is one guy who is unapologetically patriotic. Be it his support for PTI or his moral police outbursts that we have become accustomed to.

One thing is for certain, Hamza will never take any nonsense for promoting Pakistan’s own culture.

In a recent post by the Mann Mayal star, Hamza slammed the one random celeb (who was it, I wonder!)who dared to ask Hamza why he wore the national dress of Pakistan – shalwar kameez – to an award show.

“Shalwar Kameez and waistcoat, why are you dressed as a wannabee politician at a jalsa?”

Hamza had a trick up his sleeve!

He asked one of his friends, also a celebrity,

“Why are you dressed in a tuxedo as a wannabee Gora at the Oscars?”

Hamza finished off his post by promoting Pakistani culture and Pakistani content,

“Pakistani Award Shows are not just a celebration but also representation of our culture. Lets bring back Pakistani culture in fashion and i would love to see award shows with only Pakistani music and content.”

Take a look at the full post below:


Of course, the Pakistani audience was divided on this matter.

While some praised Hamza for speaking out,




This one had some legit questions!


This lady just seems confused…


While these two said Hamza should have condemned Yasir Hussain’s child molestation joke:


And this one thinks Hamza should spread peace and love, instead of criticising everyone…


He’s got a point, you know…

Well Hamza, what do you have to say for yourself after this?

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