Hamza Ali Abbasi Joins BOL TV To Host A Show


A variety of well-renowned stars are turning their attention to the blossoming television network, BOL TV and this list now includes Hamza Ali Abbasi. The very opinionated actor, who is also known for his political rants, is set to star as a host in an upcoming television show.

Although this venture may be new, he has performed in a similar position as a host before in a Ramazan show on Aaj TV, which did not conclude on a light note.

Being the very vocal person he caused quite the controversy when he shed light on the persecution of Ahmadis and the outrageous blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

He claimed on air,

“Why is Ahmadi such a taboo word? Ideological stances aside, my only goal is that when an Ahmadi is killed or persecuted, the media shouldn’t be scared to talk about it.”

After this major stirrup that he caused, amongst the nation with his comments, just to raise some awareness, PERMA banned him from any further inclusivity in the show.

However, Abbasi recently posted a promotional video on his personal Facebook page and it seems as though this series will have political themes, which he seems to excel at. He stated,

 “It is time to get rid of the notion that being political or talking about politics is taboo if you are not a politician. Being political is not a profession, not a career… it’s a duty, a necessity.”