Hamza Ali Abbasi – Love Him, Hate Him. But You Can’t Ignore Him!


Hamza Ali Abbasi also known as our very own Desi Flynn Rider enjoys a huge fan following all over Pakistan, and in some cases, even beyond. From ruling our television screens and entertaining us over the years to being labeled as the king of social media and controversy, the man covers it all. From never shying to voice his views about issues that others would stay hush about, to being connected with the mango people, Hamza has won some un-match-able attention! He can create controversies, raise awareness, act, sing, dance, criticize, mock and what not!

You may love him or hate him, but you can not ignore him! Yep, that is the kind of spell and control Hamza Ali Abbasi has over his audience.

Today the handsome hunk, Hamza Ali Abbasi  turns a year older and we here at VeryFilmi wish him a very Happy Birthday. Let’s go through a few reasons why the man cannot be ignored!

Social and Political Issues, Hamza Ali Abbasi is the man with a voice! 

Hamza Ali Abbasi Banned

Hamza Ali Abbasi does not shy from voicing against injustice! Be it social injustice or political injustice, he  plays his best role at bringing them to light. This has probably been the reason why he has won such a large following. Some agree with him while others do not, but all this is enough to make a movement and cause a ripple. From telling Bollywood to stop making anti-Pakistan movies to speaking about religious minorities and the injustice being done to them, Hamza has always taken a stand for what he believes in.

He’s the perfect blend of beauty and brain! 

He's the perfect blend of beauty and brain!

He is not just another pretty face, he did his Bachelors in International Relations from abroad, came back to Pakistan and did his Masters from Quaid-e-Azam University, and then took the CSS exams and went into the Police force. *Ahem Ahem* This information just makes him more drool worthy!

Excellent sense of humour!

Excellent sense of humour!

Would anyone listen to him speak or read his posts if he was boring and dull! Well, not really! It’s always more interesting cause he packs everything with a punch of entertainment and humour. After his charismatic looks, his sense of humor takes the cake! Example, His tea brand war with Fawad Khan just won our hearts!

He’s an amazing Actor!

Hamza Ali Abbasi- Pyare Afzal

Hamza has played one of the best roles and characters that the Pakistan Entertainment Industry has to offer . His films and dramas have earned him immense popularity, both here and across the border! Waar, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Pyare Afzal and now Mann Mayal are a few projects synonymous to his name. An entire nation mourned the death of fictional character Pyare Afzal, and that speaks volumes for his acting skills!

He’s a man with style like none other!

He's a man with style like none other

He’s confident and  knows what he’s doing and that adds more charm to his style and persona. An example of ‘his cannot be ignored personality’ is when he wore a simple black shalwar kameez and yet managed to stand out on a red carpet full of celebs donning the biggest designer labels!

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