Hamza Ali Abbasi Responds To The India Pakistan Tension


While most Pakistani celebrities decide to stay silent about the India-Pakistan tension, Hamza Ali Abbasi has a different take on the situation. The man does not follow the heard and has a mind of his own. Never has he shied away from voicing his opinion.

Hamza Ali Abbasi – Love Him, Hate Him. But You Can’t Ignore Him!

Everyone knows that India is threatening Pakistani artists and has ordered them to leave India. Not just this, they have also labeled Pakistan a terrorist nation time and time again. Hamza Ali Abbasi responds to the India-Pakistan tension and urges Pakistan to boycott Bollywood.

Hamza Ali Abbasi posted on his social media accounts, “The time has come when Pakistani artists MUST BOYCOTT BOLLYWOOD and Pakistani people must stop watching Indian content.”

Bollywood Movies Banned In Pakistani Cinemas

This is not the first time Pakistani Celebrities have been a victim of the Indo-Pak hate. Everytime terrorist activity takes place, the hate, and blame triggers.

Bollywood Celebs Impose #SurgicalStrike on Twitter

Is boycotting Pakistani actors in India and Indian content in Pakistan a solution?

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