Hamza Firdous Wants to Follow Father’s Footsteps But on His Own Terms!

hamza firdous

Hamza Firdous may be a newcomer to the TV industry but the elder son of veteran actor Firdous Jamal has made a name for himself in quick time.

Currently starring in the mega-hit TV serial O Rangreza, Hamza is on the radar of TV directors who want to cast him in their next play because he brings the extra energy on the sets that was missing from the game.

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However, critics have pointed out that his style of acting is quite similar to that of his father, with which Hamza disagrees.

‘I am one of the many people who have been influenced by my father’s acting; it’s a compliment for me when people praise him in front of me. However, I am a different actor compared to my father as before coming to Pakistan, I had experienced acting abroad – in both TV and theatre. Therefore there are a few elements that I bring into my acting which are different from my father’s.’

Hamza is currently working in another TV serial “Ghughi” in which he plays an amiable, compassionate, passionate Hindu character residing in pre partition Punjab. He believes that like his other projects, the audience will love his character for which he is working quite hard.

He also wishes to reach the heights of stardom like his father and for that, he will have to perform a variety of roles on TV, rather than playing the run-of-the-mill stuff.

‘My father has always been a versatile actor and I would love to be known as an actor who takes on challenges like he did. Copying him would have been the easy way into the industry and that’s something even he wouldn’t have advised me to do.’