Hania Aamir Clears Out All Rumours Of Being Rude To Fans On Instagram


Following the recent release of her film Na Maloom Afraad 2 Hania Aamir’s fans have been multiplying rapidly but so have been the haters. Although we cannot imagine how someone can resist being a fan of this dimple queen, apparently it is a possibility.

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This Eid has been quite a roller coaster for the young star on the social media as she, just like every other successful celebrity, became a victim of numerous internet trolls. Whether it was a targeted propaganda or simply someone’s bad joke we are yet to find out.

Fake screenshots of the Pakistani diva and her Parwaaz Hai Junoon co-star, Sabeena Syed’s, chats have been circulating on the internet claiming that the young stars were being unnecessarily rude to their fans on Instagram.  The rumours evidently created an uproar among fans who quickly came to the rescue and argued that the screenshots of any such chats were definitely forged.

In her latest post on Instagram, Hania Aamir uploaded a video of herself confirming the fact that none of those rumours were true. The actress cleared out all misconceptions and once again conquered everyone’s hearts with her kind words and love for her fans.

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The NMA2 star assured her fans that she is looking into the matter and urged everyone to enjoy Eid. Meanwhile we are excited to see more of the young star on our screens as time draws near for the release of her drama Mujhay Jeenay Dou.

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