Hania Aamir Shares Cute Behind The Scenes Clip Of Her TikTok Video

Image Source: Instagram/Haniaheheofficial

Who knew that in 2020, we’d be sitting in our homes amid a lockdown in a pandemic? As the COVID-19 doesn’t seem to end anytime soon, people are now finding ways to keep them from losing their sanity by keeping themselves entertained.

Speaking of quarantine life, the Parwaaz Hai Junoon starlet, Hania Aamir, is enjoying her lockdown life at home by doing quite a lot of things. From funny Instagram stories to TikTok video, Hania is seen being super vocal about her emotions during this lockdown.

Hania has been very active on her social media accounts, especially Instagram, where she interacts with her fan base daily. Being as genuine as possible, Hania sure makes her audience laugh by being super fun and silly. Here’s the video she just recently shared on her Instagram account.

Here’s the BTS video of Hania Aamir’s TikTok video!

And here’s the final version!

Although this isn’t the first time Hania has made a TikTok video, she has been doing so in the past. However, she’s back at it to kill the quarantine blues. Moreover, Hania is one of those celebrities who loves to keep her fans updated at all times.

From regular Instagram postings to Instagram games, she’s doing all she can to distract herself and her followers from the lockdown blues. Well, Hania, we’re glad for all the efforts you’re putting into this.

It seems like Hania Aamir sure has had enough of the quarantine life. Here’s another TikTok video by Hania

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Mene kaha tha mujhe quarantine main akela mat chorna

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Isn’t she funny? Just last year, Hania Aamir decided to join the world of YouTube and made her channel. Among Hania, many other celebrities have now started their own YouTube channels to entertain their fans further.

As film productions have come to a halt amid the COVID-19 lockdown, celebrities are finding other means to entertain and earn, which is YouTube. From Nadia Khan, Hira Tareen to Iqra Aziz, Zahid Ahmed, and Saba Qamar, so many others can also be found on YouTube.

Quarantine might be driving all of us insane, but remember to keep yourselves busy in activities you would enjoy doing at home with your family. There’s so much that you can do. In the meanwhile, let us know what you think about Hania Aamir’s TikTik videos in the comments below. Also, do you make TikTok as well?

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