Hania Aamir’s Workout Routine Gives Us Major Fitness Goals!


The young generation sensation, Hania Amir, has emerged as oneof the famous actresses in no time and from the start of her career, she has proved that she is worth all the hype!

Even though, Hania has recently stepped in to our industry but she has already appeared in numerous dramas and movies. She has a charming personality and is considered as one of the most stylish actresses of Pakistan at the moment!

When we talk about Hania Amir, it is not just about the pretty face which is full of cuteness but also the hard work that she puts in looking as fabulous as we see her on screen!

The Na-Maloom Afraad-2 actress is also a social media star and her instagram account is full of entertaining stuff. Along with other stuff, Hania keeps posting pictures from her gym and her workout routine gives us major fitness goals!

Have a look!

Thinking about food that I can’t have.

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Her caption says, ” Thinking About Food That I Cannot Have”. Well, the only difference is, Hania is thinking about food while working out and we think about joining the gym while having food!

“Dabbin’ Through Life!”

Dabbin’ through life

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It seems that Hania really enjoys while working out and when your gym-mates are fun, it can never be boring!

🙅🏽 #haniaaamir #haniahehe

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Even her trainer is so cool!

We train to Nicki minaj and Beyoncé #mytraineriscooler

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Hania does put a lot of efforts which is simply amazing!

Sweet stretch

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This gives us goals!

Struggling but Im so ready yo! 💪🔥

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And the result of her hard work cannot simply be ignored!

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The hard work our stars put in maintaining their fitness to appear as astounding as we see them on television truly deserves an appreciation. These guys workout day and night, avoid unhealthy food and their efforts takes the form of their magnificent looks that makes us want to hit the gym immediately!

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