Harley Quinn Steals The Spotlight In The New Trailer Of Suicide Squad


Another exciting trailer has been released for Warner Bros. upcoming venture, Suicide Squad. The film-makers aren’t wasting any time in promoting Margot Robbie’s show-stealing character. You guessed it right! This time around, the trailer focuses on Harley Quinn’s cinematic debut.

The new teaser that is one minute long yields limelight on Quinn and her distinctive set of skills. Some of the scenes have been released before like Quinn stealing a purse from a store window but much of it is new.

We know now that Quinn is great at wielding a baseball bat. However, the real highlight of the newly released trailer is Quinn battling a monster in an elevator while she receives a text from the Joker that reads “I am close be ready…”.

Watch the satisfying trailer for yourself:

Suicide Squad is scheduled to premiere on 1st of August in New York City and will be released in theaters on 5th of August in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D.

Watch the official trailer of  Suicide Squad here, in case you haven’t as yet:

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