Hasnain Lehri’s Sad Twitter Rant Receives Comeback from His Ex!

Source: Something Haute

We’ve all been following Pakistan’s hottest model, Hasnain Lehri’s Twitter rant since yesterday, and boy oh boy has the saga continued. From what began by accusing Shah Rukh Khan of lying has now blown up to just sad poetry tweets one after the other!

Lehri’s plethora of tweets include this sad poetry,


Looking through his timeline, Hasnain Lehri also tweeted about disloyalty and how loving someone is not enough!

This makes one wonder if he was talking about his ex-girlfriend Sabeeka Imam all along!


Just as Lehri’s tweets kept increasing, people started to point fingers towards Sabeeka Imam for the sad and depressed state Lehri was in! Soon after Sabeeka posted with a bang on her timeline!

Please BHAI! 

Shots Fired!!


After these tweets, Hasnain Lehri has now changed the direction of his tweets and begun posting about his late brother who passed away last year. He mentioned his ‘barsi’ is coming up in 28 days and that he missed him dearly!


These tweets have left us in a confused state! Was Lehri speaking about his brother all along or his ex? However, we do hope he feels better soon and is back to being his old self again!

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