Haters are Comparing Sanam Saeed to Michael Jackson in Her Latest Photoshoot


Pakistani actress and model Sanam Saeed was recently spotted doing a photo-shoot as a cover girl for Grazia Pak in regards to her upcoming movie, Cake. Sanam Saeed being the super professional she is, totally nailed her iconic ‘Cake’ appearance for the shoot. However, like always, some haters made it their priority to ridicule the actresses no matter what she wears. Check the pictures out for yourself!

The actress wore a decent suit that will definitely catch anyone’s eye. I mean, look at her, she looks gorgeous!

Regardless of that, some people can’t digest their food without bad-mouthing others. First, it was Mahira Khan who was targeted for wearing a backless dress, then Ayesha Omer for wearing jeans and now Sanam Saeed.

We still fail to understand why Sanam Saeed’s figure was targetted because she looks out of this world here. Some even compared her to the iconic singer, Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson passed away on the 25th of June 2009, I guess this person didn’t read the news.

We’re pretty sure Sanam Saeed still rocks even without being his sister.

*rolls eyes*

No matter if the actresses eats less or more, haters will still pick on them, won’t they? We need to learn to respect everyone regardless of their figure, race and color.

Looks like Mahira Khan’s fan found their way to her pictures. Coincidence?

And this was the last straw!

As we said before, haters will always hate and successful people will always prosper. Regardless of what anyone says we’re pretty sure the actress’ schedule is packed with the movie promotions and her upcoming dramas.

For any one who doesn’t know, Sanam Saeed will be playing Aamina Sheikh’s sister in the upcoming feature film which will be released on the 30th of March 2018. Check out the teaser here!

Delicious “Cake” Teaser Leaves Us Craving for More!

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