Here’s Why This Incestuous Bollywood Film Shouldn’t Be Released In Pakistan


Just recently the trailer of Bollywood’s upcoming flick titled I am Roshni surfaced on the internet and created an uproar. The film’s plot revolves around a brother-sister affection that slowly dwindles into an incestuous relationship.

Produced by Crescendo Music and Films, the movie tells the story of incest, but the makers promise that it will not be a sleazy film. The movie will feature debutants Ankita Parihar and Yash Rajpara. Internet users have been bashing the film and calling out to the government for its ban. Considering this we decided to watch the trailer and see what this buzz is all about.

However the trailer of this movie did nothing but leave us utterly confused and scarred for life. Here we have gathered 7 reasons of all that is wrong in I am Roshni  and should never have been attempted in the first place. Therefore hopefully it will never reach the screens of our local cinemas.

1. It’s clearly promoting incest.

According to Hindustan Times, Suresh Thomas was quoted saying, “It [the film] is crafted in an emotionally sensitive manner that will make viewers deeply empathise with the two innocent protagonists.” Empathy with this fictitious case of incest would ultimately encourage the moral corruption of people in real life. If we can empathise with Roshni why can’t we with XYZ? The film introduces a new angle to incest and its acceptability. Doesn’t seem like a wise decision, does it?

2. The title of the film, ‘I am Roshni’.

At first glance, there seems to be nothing wrong with the title. But it’s only after watching the trailer and digging deeper into the matter that you realise how women-centric the title really is. True, much of the story revolves around Roshni, but if the movie is pitched to the audience as a story exploring incest – why is there just the girl’s name in the title? Considering the already preconceived notions against incest, the movie seems to indirectly point all arrows on Roshni. Typical sexism.

3. Things that can lead to this deformity in familial relationships

The film explores all the wrongs in Roshni’s life – the fact that her uncle molests her, parents are abusive and her boyfriend doesn’t love her. Although we agree that her life’s problems are bad enough to shatter anyone’s  stability, we don’t get how they could have triggered a misinterpretation of her relationship with her brother. Roshni’s brother being the only person giving her affection does not seem like a justifiable reason for incest to develop between them!

4. Bad parenting

A lot depends on the kind of parental upbringing that children receive. Roshni seems to have had a rough relationship with her strict parents since forever and it’s true that parents have to change their attitudes and be less strict with children to avoid a communication gap. However holding up parents as responsible for incest does not seem fair, in no way could their strict moral values and upbringing result in a sister having an affair with her brother. It just doesn’t make sense.

5. Roshni’s brother

Throughout the trailer we are shown Roshni’s side of the story and her struggles. However there is not much to the boy’s life, in fact he seems to have had no major emotional turmoils. This makes us question his reasons for the incestuous relationship? So what is the ‘strong’ message that the director is trying to convey through this film?

If you haven’t already seen the trailer, you can watch the video here:

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