Here’s What Fahad Mustafa Has to Say About Appearing in Dramas Again


Fahad Mustafa is an iconic name of our Pakistani entertainment industry that we’re pretty sure almost all of us know. He started his career a dozen year back and there has been no stopping him since!

We all know him as the host of the most popular game show of Pakistan: Jeeto Pakistan on ARY Digital.

But there are many sides to Fahad Mustafa who made a name for himself first on TV and later in films. Last year, he worked in ‘Na Maloom Afraad 2‘ which was a success at the box office. This year, he will appear in two most anticipated movies: Load Wedding and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2.

Recently, the “Actor in Law” was spotted in an interview with Sohail Javed and we loved how honest his point of view was.

When asked if he will ever appear in dramas again, we think his response is pretty much what he needed to hear:

“Why not? It is not for me to decide. I mean, how can I decide that I won’t do TV,” he said.

“If I’m not getting any movies, then why shouldn’t I appear in tv-shows?” he added.

He also gave some pretty neat tricks and tips for aspiring actors. “Memorize the script. Once you know what the script is you can easily play the character.”

Here is the full interview:

Stay awesome, Fahad Mustafa!

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