Here’s A Glimpse Of Upcoming Pakistani Horror Film Titled “Aks”


With the revival of the Pakistani film industry filmmakers are boldly exploring their skills in various genres. It is refreshing to see new local films pouring into our entertainment industry and just recently news has spread that we have another film to look forward to in December only this time, its one that we haven’t witnessed before.

 Directed by Asif Pervez and titled Aks this Pakistani horror film has wrapped up its shoot and finally revealed its first poster. Judging by the looks of it, this movie will definitely send chills down our spines.

Starring a relatively new cast that includes Faiza Asif, Arslan Sheraz, Jyoti Dagar and Roman. According to sources the film was shot Dubai and the makers put in endless efforts to make sure the end result in upto to the international standards and peoples’ expectations.

This film is bound to be a massive success.

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