Here’s Why Momina Mustehsan Broke Up With Her Fiance


Momina Mustehsan reveals the untold story about her breakup with Ali Naqvi. This breakout star of Coke Studio has been an inspiration for all the women suffering from similar issues. Her determination towards staying strong made her a role model.


Her engagement with Ali, a former USA banker went viral over social media. Lasting only for a few months, her breakup with him turned into a rumored gossip. She revealed all the untold stories behind her breakup in an interview with Khaleej Times

“We were open to the idea of knowing each other better. That’s why we did not want the news of the engagement to reach out to the public.”

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Her pictures started leaking on social media and news channels started airing it so she had to come clean

“I had to come out and give an official statement because there had been a lot of fake accounts that suggested that it was a still from a TVC shoot!”

The media was on her nerves after the breakup which was very hard to handle.

“It was as if they were rubbing it in my face”

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“The good thing that came out of this was that a lot of young girls, who had gone through a similar setback, wrote to me, admiring the way I had conducted myself during this time.”

It is evident that Pakistan’s favorite “Afreen girl” went through a lot at a very young age. Thumbs up to her for standing strong throughout!

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