Here’s Proof That Ali Zafar And Shehzad Roy Haven’t Changed in A Dozen Years


Ali Zafar and Shehzad Roy are one of those celebrities, who have been a constant part of our entertainment industry since quite a long time. We have grown up watching them since the beginning of their careers, and we have witnessed the transformation in their appearances with time but it seems like they haven’t aged at all!

The interesting thing about this aging phenomenon is that it’s different for everyone and sometimes, it’s hard to predict the age of a person just by their looks.

Ali Zafar and Shehzad Roy are the perfect example of such case and you’ll be shocked to see the comparison of their old pictures to the recent one!

Have a look!

All Pakistan Drama Page

There’s no doubt that both of them have groomed a lot from young boys to graceful men but the fact that they haven’t age at all in this whole time is totally astonishing. Looking at Ali Zafar and Shehzad Roy, we can easily travel back to the old time!

The “All Pakistan Drama Page” on Facebook posted this picture and the reactions from the people is absolutely hilarious!

Some came up with the facts!

From matured personality to matured sarcasm!

Some people thing it’s all about money!

That’s a super power in itself!

There’s no doubt in that!

Ali Zafar and Shehzad Roy both have been our favorite singers since the start of their career and there are so many memories associated with their songs.

This was Ali Zafar, the Channo guy, back in 2003!

Google Images

Ali Zafar Now!

Shehzad Roy has beaten everyone else in the race of looking young forever!

This was him when his song “Teri Soorat Nigahon Mai” got released!

And look at him now!

The aging thing has been quite benign on these two stars and Ali Zafar and Shehzod Roy has left us all in awe by their never changing youthful looks!

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