Here’s Why Saba Qamar’s Baaghi Drama Is Already a Hit This Season


Saba Qamar is a force to be reckoned with — and though our society may not agree so was Qandeel Baloch — in her own eccentric ways. Combine these two rebels together and you get a blockbuster before it’s even on screen.

Urdu 1’s upcoming drama serial Baaghi is the talk of the town and why not? It features a stellar cast, it has a controversial lead character and most importantly, it probes the other side of the story of Pakistan’s short-lived social media sensation – Qandeel Baloch.

Directed by Farooq Rind and penned by none other than the legend, Umera Ahmed – Baaghi’s cast includes Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch, Osman Khalid Butt, Sarmad Khoosat, and Ali Kazmi.

Saba Qamar’s Shocking Transformation as Qandeel Baloch

Baaghi’s teasers are creating a wave on social media and so is Saba Qamar’s transformation. The actress has done her homework and it shows in every single picture.

Dark eye brows, fake pout, gleaming straight black hair and a devil-may-care attitude – nobody could have played Qandeel better than Qamar.

Check out some of her transformation pictures here:

Baaghi Drama Serial Teasers

Qandeel Baloch may not be alive today, but if Baaghi’s teasers are any proof, her journey and legacy will soon be immortalised. Each teaser brings out another shade of Qandeel’s personality brilliantly portrayed by Saba Qamar.

As far as Baaghi’s storyline goes, the show will trace Baloch’s journey to stardom and also her two-year-old marriage to an abusive husband. It will focus on the double standards of the society that Baloch has to face before she became a social phenomenon.

In Qamar’s own words, “Qandeel represented the double standards that exist in our society. She had the courage to expose how two-faced people could be.”

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