Here’s What Shoaib Malik Asked Sania Mirza To Do After Champions Trophy Win! Watch Video


The sports superstar couple Sania Mirza & Shoaib Malik are every sports fan’s dream come true. They tied the knot in a fairy tale wedding almost 7 years ago and have been happily married since.

However, you won’t believe what Shoaib Malik asked his wife, Sania Mirza to do, after the big Champions Trophy finale on Sunday!

A little background information: Pakistan battled India in England last Sunday on the cricket pitch. Surprise, surprise, Pakistan won.

And Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik looked more lovey-dovey than ever before, in a recent video.

On her Snapchat, Sania Mirza recently posted a video of herself standing on Shoaib’s back. According to Sania, Shoaib asked her to stand on his back!

In the video, Shoaib asks his wife to stop what she was doing. However, Sania shrugged his appeal off with a laugh.

Nonetheless, the video went viral just a few seconds after it was posted!

Scroll down for the video:

Aren’t these two just adorable?

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